Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Incorporate Color!

Time and time again I have Brides walk in to my office and tell me their colors.  Colors are a foundation of weddings, they're usually one if the first things a bride picks.  But sometimes that's where it ends, Brides know their colors, but what they don't know is how to properly infuse the colors into their weddings so the guests "get it".  So they see the whole vision the bride so carefully mulled over come to life.

I'll give you an example of a recent bride I worked with, we'll call her Jane.  Jane the Bride.  Jane has a wonderful fiance, parents who are helping, but not too much, if you know what I mean.  She has selected a beautiful venue and chosen the colors yellow and gray.  Yellow, a color that just wraps you in the warm feeling of summer. And gray, keeps the feeling super modern and fresh!

So Jane has chosen her colors, done right?  Well not really.  Now you have to figure out how to incorporate the colors.  The most obvious is bridesmaid's dresses and flowers.  I had a bride that I was helping a little later in her planning game, and she told me these were her colors.  I said ok great!  Now how are you using them.

Some brides do so well picking the actual colors, but then get lost in the actual execution of using them!  Especially with a more difficult color like gray because there are no gray flowers!  But you also don't want it to look like you threw a lovely yellow colored wedding and a bunch of strange girls in gray bridesmaid's dresses wandered in.  Ok so now you get my point of the problem, let's find a solution.

So how to incorporate color.  I'll skip the basics of bridesmaid's dresses and flowers because those are obvious.


Personal Touches and Decorations
Instead of a book, guests signed fabric squares that the groom’s mom sewed into a quilt.
A bright yellow "wedding" sign adorned with whimsical ribbon guided guests to the celebration. The couple decided on low yellow-and-white centerpieces after falling in love with these chalkboard vases that conveniently doubled as table numbers.

Yellow bridal shoes... help!    Yellow Bridal shoes... HELP! :  wedding bridal shoes help yellow shoes 1470523 P DETAILED   A boutonniere of a single yellow freesia bud matched the guys’ yellow ties, which were dotted with lighthouses and sailboats to fit the nautical theme.

Food & Drinks

I'd love to hear from you what colors you're using and how you're incorporating them!!