Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Should you have a Wedding Theme?

They say 25% of brides today have theme weddings (oh and by they I mean theknot.com).  The big question is, should you??

I like a theme, why you ask?  Because to me it makes life easy, and you know I'm a fan of that!  It's a simple way for brides to pull together a cohesive look that makes sense to the guests more than just through color choices.  One example is say you pick a just a color scheme and not an actual theme.  Let's use the color purple because it's so incredibly hot and on trend right now!

Ok so my name is Jane, I'm a bride and my wedding color is purple.  It's time to pick out my invitations, ooooh I looooveee these!!!

What's not to love right?  They're elegant, formal, uber-chic!  So what's the problem?  

Well... you're getting married here...
Do you see how these two pictures don't go together?  First off I'm a big believe that the invitations set the tone for the wedding and should be chosen very carefully, but that's for another article on another day.
Ok, back to themes.  So, if you have a theme, this helps a bride keep a cohesive vision for the day with relatively little effort and thought.  It also helps the bride make lightening fast decisions by narrowing some of the options.  

Here's what I mean, I'm going to pick a theme for my favorite bride Jane and show you just how she can pull it all together.  We're going to pick a relatively popular theme in my part of the world, a Beach theme.  Below I'll list a few more ideas for themes.  On to the beach.

A quick note, there's obviously varying degrees of how much you can indulge in a theme, for this example I'm going pretty over the top to make my point clear, but you can obviously be a lot more subtle.  Another point of the theme is to give a "feeling" for the day, and obviously a beach theme is definitely on the casual end of the spectrum, so you can just use that to guide you as well!


Guest Book and Place Cards
http://www.icestandard.org/files/productsimages/CRU/shell%20book-1.jpg  http://media.theknot.com/ImageStage/Objects/0003/0060226/large_image.jpg 
Centerpieces and Flowers
http://cheapuniquewedding.com/wp-content/plugins/jobber-import-articles/photos/100013-cheap-beach-theme-wedding-centerpiece.jpg http://www.budget-bride.com/1542.JPG

http://www.shorechic.com/images/chocolate/cake02.jpg http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lofpytcK501qh53z6.jpg  

A Few Different Theme Ideas:
  • Beach
  • Vineyard
  • Vintage
  • Garden
  • Country
  • Damask
  • Ultra-modern
  • Any cultural, Spanish, etc,
Got a good theme idea?  I'd love to hear it!!!  Please tell me how you're incorporating a theme into your day, or even why you decided going with a theme was not for you!

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  1. Ooh I forgot a few! How about Rustic and Winter Wonderland?!