Monday, June 4, 2012

The simplest trick to not be stressed on your wedding day!


Huh??  What do you mean, you say?  I'll say it again.  Choose.  Make a conscious choice not to be stressed.

Listen, the day is planned, you've work hard, created a timeline, tied favor bows, done everything that needs to be done.  Now you need to trust yourself that you did indeed do everything you could have done, and make the choice to enjoy yourself no matter what.  You get one wedding day.  One.  Do not let annoying in-laws, drunk groomsmen or unexpected guest's dates ruin your day.

This does take a little pre-planning however.  Here's a few tips to really have a stress-free day!

  • Create a solid and comprehensive day of timeline.  Include things like, wake up, shower, eat.  Pay attention to your daily routine before hand.  If it normally takes you 35 minutes to shower (is this just me?) then don't think showering on your wedding day will magically take ten minutes, better yet, plan on 45.  And again, I'm going to remind you, E.A.T.!!!!   This is not an option.  Also give a copy of the timeline to an anal retentive friend for a bit of extra support :)
  • Give a list of day-of contacts to a trusted bridesmaid or mom.  If you know someone capable is there to deal with the lost photographer or field phone calls from the florist, then you'll easily able to sit back and relax.
  • Give yourself a deadline!  If you're getting married on say Saturday, give yourself a mental deadline of Wednesday to have everything done.  And yes, I mean EVERYTHING.  Place cards, favors, programs, etc.  That way your eyes wont be blood shot come wedding day, because you procrastinated the programs and spent the evening before your wedding with the friendly folks on the graveyard shift at Kinko's.
On a final note, you need to picture yourself, "the bride" as a completely separate person.  You need to protect your "inner bride" as though she were a friend.  Protect her from bad energy, sleep deprivation and so on.  It's your job to ensure your inner bride has good happy memories of her day.  If you saw a friend stressed, exhausted and on a crash course of having a super stressful day, wouldn't you step in to ensure she didn't ruin her experience?  Well you also have to do that for yourself.  You only get to be a bride once, so protect yourself and your sacred memories!!

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