Monday, June 4, 2012

Color Color Everywhere! No Seriously. EVERYWHERE!! How to pick!

Things to think about
1. Season-
  • Spring- Think fresh and floral!  Pinks, Greens, Similar colors to summer, just softer, so light pinks, lavenders, sage green, pale yellows and gray! Super hot right now!
  • Summer- Think vibrant and fun!  Hot Pink, Coral, Teal, Lime Green, Yellow
  • Fall- Think hot chocolate and fireplaces, cozy warm colors!  Olive Greens, Plum, Gold, Burnt Orange, Bronze, Copper.
  • Winter- Think Icy!  Silver, Icy Blue, Slate, Metallic.  These Icy colors also pair beautifully with rich colors like Deep Red and Plum!
2. Theme
  • Seaside Wedding- mix of blues, teal, sand and ivory
  • Vineyard Wedding- plum, olive greens, champagne, burgundy!  Think wine :)
  • Garden Wedding- pinks, green, yellow, anything reminiscent of flowers!
What's on trend
  1. Coral and Teal
  2. Anything Purple
  3. Gray
  4. Black and White is still very in!  Mix with a pop of color, Red, Lime Green!
  5. White and Metallic.  Very modern
  6. Navy and Hot Pink or Lime
  7. Peacock colors
Still stumped for ideas?  Take a look at the color wheel.  

Colors across each other on the wheel are complimentary, notice green and red are across from each other?  Coincidence??  For a soothing and pleasing color combo, pick colors next to each other on the wheel, green and yellow... aaahh.  And finally for a winning color combo, pick colors that form a triangle on the wheel, green, purple and golden yellow?  Perfect for spring!!

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