Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why you MUST do engagement photos!!

In my view engagement photos are a must do.  Why you ask??

  • So you can preview the Photog's work.  So many things on your wedding day are an unknown.  You have to trust your florist will deliver as promised.  Will the cater cook the food just like at the tasting?  Will the cake be so perfectly frosted like in the sample book?  Really who knows!  We can all do our research, find the best qualified vendors with the best reviews, but a lot of it is hope they'll come through, and don't get me wrong almost always they do!  However there is one vendor you can get the best feel of their work and that's your photographer during an engagement photo session.  You can see how comfortable he/she is at directing shots, how quickly or slowly he/she works, and most importantly how comfortable he/she makes you feel.  Remember on your wedding day you spend a lot of time with your photographer, much of which you're anxious, nervous and feeling overwhelmed.  A photographer that relaxes you, excites you and eases your stress is more important than I can stress!!
  • It's a great opportunity to get "real you" photos.  On your wedding day you will look gorgeous! Guaranteed!!  And your loving new husband will look as dashing as ever.  But with all that make up and hairspray, you don't really look like yourself.  I'm assuming you don't often wear false eyelashes and a veil and hubby doesn't usually sport a bow tie!  So my point is, this is a great opportunity for the two of you to have some fun, and get some great shots of just the two of you, in a cute summer dress or your favorite pair of jeans, looking great and just like yourself!
So go ahead, call your photographer and schedule that engagement session, you'll be glad you did!!

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