Friday, July 6, 2012

Bridal Party Jobs

This is something very often overlooked.

This is something very essential.

Part of your Bridal Party's role is to help you with certain tasks.  But no not the tasks you think!  Of course addressing your invitations and tying bows around your favors are very important tasks.  Of course.  But what I'm referring to are the day of tasks that you should delegate away so you do not have to worry about them!

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My advice would be to assign one job to each member of your bridal party.  Let them know ahead of time in a one on one conversation.  As in not while 4 shots in at your bachelorette party, where the job could be forgotten or not taken seriously. 

Mostly when I'm discussing these jobs, I'm referring to bridesmaids.  Some jobs are appropriate for groomsmen, but may end up causing you more anxiety depending on how reliable your groomsmen are.

No offense to groomsmen, but you know who you are!

Last note, technically all of these jobs don't have to be bridal party.  If you have helpful cousins or girlfriends, sign them up!

Bridesmaids Jobs
  • Make sure Bride eats and drinks all day.  
  • Bridal room "doorman"- I see many brides get VERY overwhelmed by the amount of people wandering in and out of the bridal room.  The bridal room should be a relaxing, serene place filled with excitement and joy, not your annoying aunt or jealous cousin.  So put a particularly B***y girl in charge of who enters!
  • Timeline- mostly pre-ceremony timing, like what time you need to get to the salon, what time the limo arrives.
  • Vendor contact- you'll want someone that is good about their cell phones (you know those that aren't!) and will field calls from vendors asking about either set up or for directions.  This person can be the same one as who has the timeline.
  • Checking on the boys- When I got married, I put my sister in law (thank the Lord for her!!) in charge of this, she checked on them periodically, made sure they were getting dressed and even snuck in their room early in the morning and stole their alcohol!  This is why I love her!  This would also be a great job for the MOG.
  • Set-up- This is usually best for a maid of honor or sister, who's been with you, helping you with all of your DIY projects!  She knows exactly what you had in mind for the favors, candy bar set-up, etc.
Groomsmen Jobs
  • Rings
  • Boutonniere's
  • Timing- Mostly making sure groom gets to ceremony on time!
  • Picking up tuxes (even though it's not my favorite thing to wait until the last minute)

Any jobs I left off that you're assigning to your party??

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