To Do List

This is meant to be an easy to do list.

It's not laid out by time because some brides plan in 4 months and some in 14.  I always feel that the lists that start at 16 months or whatever make the brides who are only planning in 4 more overwhelmed!  They feel a year behind!  Yes, you absolutely can and with not too much extra trouble plan a wedding in just a few months.  I'll say it again!  You DO NOT HAVE TO PLAN A WEDDING IN A YEAR OR MORE.  Really what the hardest part with short term weddings are is making sure to get a dress and alteration in time and having the cash on hand (no time to save up) to pay for it!
As for as the order of this to do list, it's in a helpful order, but not a mandatory order.  Sure things like finding a venue should be right at the top, but some people just can't wait to find a photographer to get engagement photos done!  So use the order of this list as a good general reference, but not necessarily as a must do!

You'll notice some of these links you can click on.  These link back to articles previously written on the subject.  Links will be updated as more articles are written, so be sure to check back! 

  • Start Guest List- you need at least a general idea for budget and venue selection
    • Get addresses
  • Have the Budget talk
  • Find a Venue
  • Select Bridal Party 
  • Decide on Colors and Theme
  • Buy a Dress
  • Interview and select Vendors
    • Wedding Coordinator
    • Caterer, if not supplied by venue
    • Photographer
    • DJ
      • Assemble a list of music.  Do not wait until the last minute for this one!
    • Florist 
      • Collect photos for inspiration, just remember magazine are meant to sell you, the things you see may not be realistic budget wise, use the ideas as inspiration only!
    • Baker
    • Officiate
      • Write your vows, if you're doing that.
    •  Videographer, if having one
    • Hair and Make-up
  • Choose Invitations 
  • Arrange Hotel Room block for guests
  • Select Groom's attire
  • Select Bridesmaid's Attire
    • Buy Gifts
  • Select Groomsman's Attire 
    • Buy Gifts
  • Select any VIP's attire (mom's, ushers, etc) 
  • Buy Rings
  • Get a Timeline.  Work with Venue, DJ and Photographer on this!  Very important everyone is on the same page!
  • Decide on Wedding Favors
  • Buy Accessories, Veil, Shoes, Jewelry, Getting Ready Outfit
  • Plan Rehearsal Dinner
  • Arrange day-of Transportation
  • Get Marriage License 
  • Buy Accessories- Ring Bearer Pillow, Flower Girl Basket
  • Create a Floor Plan and Seating Chart
  • Make any DIY Accessories for the wedding itself, Place Cards, Petal Cones, Programs,etc
  • Organize day-of Timeline and the stuff you'll need!
  • Put together a "Bring List"
    • Bring to Hotel
      • Getting ready attire
      • Dress and Accessories
    • Bring to Ceremony Venue
      • Marriage License
    • Bring to Reception
    • Bring to Honeymoon
      • Passports
  • Ok, you've officially planned it all, now Relax and Enjoy your Day!!

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